U044B Angličtina 14 – Historie na filmovém plátně


Mgr. Ivana Doležalová (e-mail: ivana.dolezalova.pped@vse.cz)

Zaměření předmětu/Focus

This unique interdisciplinary course is designed to question and dispute the identity of specific nations in Europe, which has always been a fascinating crossroad of ideas and ideologies as well as the birthplace of wars and totalitarian systems. The course will cover masterpeices of Russian, Hungarian, German,Polish and Czech cinematography focusing on the crucial periods of history, in particular WWII. and its aftermath as well as revealing the bitter truth and brutality of the Stalinist years.

Participants of this course will not only learn more details about historical events but also learn to appreciate specifics of film art and last but not least will practise and improve their already good knowledge of  English.

Links to watch films as well as the focus questions and reviews will be sent to students’ mails with English subtitles.

Výsledky učení/Goal

  1. Improvement of advanced English conversation.
  2. Learning about the historical and geopolitical contex of the screened films.
  3. Investigating the best of the European film art.
  4. Learning to analyze the screened films.

Obsah předmětu

  1. The Shop on Main Street, J. Kadár, E. Klos, 1965.
  2. Closely Watched Trains, J. Menzel, 1966.
  3. Diamonds of the Night, J. Němec, 1964.
  4. The Cremator, Z. Brynych, 1968.
  5. Europa, Europa or Hitlerjunge Solomon, A. Holland, 1990.
  6. Son of Saul, L. Nemes, 2016.
  7. The Double Life of Veronique, K. Kieslowski, 1991.
  8. Ashes and Diamonds, A. Wajda, 1958.
  9. Burnt by the Sun, N. Mikhalkov, 1994.
  10. Repentance, T. Abuladze, 1986.
  11. Afterimage, A. Wajda, 2016.
  12. Ida, P. Pawlikowski, 2013.
  13. Final discussion on Nazism and Communism.